Opening an Activity

The Activity Database When you open the Activity Database as a subscriber, you will see the activities that you have created. 1: You can type key words in the Search Bar to help you to filter and find activities. 2: Pressing the Frequent Tags button will show you a list of the tags that you […]

Accessing Triptico

Subscribers If you have a Triptico subscription then you can use your username and password to sign-in. As a subscriber, you can access all of the resources (including the bonus resources) and create / edit activities. Guests Guests can access Triptico by pressing the No Account button and then choosing Guest Access. Guests can open […]

Installing Triptico

iOS Triptico is available as a free install for iPhones and iPads from the App Store: iOS App Store Android To install on an Android device for free visit the link below: Google Play Store Chromebook If your Chromebook can run apps, you can install for free here: Google Play Store Windows Coming Soon… Mac […]

Spring Selector

In Short The Spring Selector resource ‘springs’ items from a list onto the screen. If the list has two columns: the second column can be displayed in the lower section. Making a Selection To make a selection, simply press the lower panel and pull your finger / the mouse downwards. When you release, the content […]

Flip Selector

In Short The Flip Selector resource converts a list into a series of large cards. If the list has two columns: column two will be displayed when a card is flipped over. Selecting Cards To select a new card, simply press and move your finger / the mouse to the left. To display the previous […]