In Short In Bingo, the winner is the first person to cross all of the items off their card and shout… “BINGO!” Preparing to Play All possible answers are displayed at the start of the game. For example, here is a game based on Presidents of the USA: Each player needs to choose any six […]

Creating an Activity

Initial Options When you click the Create button on the main screen, you will see the following: 1. The number of columns you would like in your list. 2. The number of rows you like to start with. You can add new rows and delete rows at any time. 3. The type of list you […]

Hidden Card

In Short Look at the envelope and work out what is on the card hidden inside! The most difficult envelopes are worth 30 points and the easiest 10 points. If the list has only one column, the hidden content will be displayed as an anagram or as a jumbled image. Getting Started At the start […]