Creating an Activity

Initial Options When you click the Create button on the main screen, you will see the following: 1. The number of columns you would like in your list. 2. The number of rows you like to start with. You can add new rows and delete rows at any time. 3. The type of list you […]

Hidden Card

In Short Look at the envelope and work out what is on the card hidden inside! The most difficult envelopes are worth 30 points and the easiest 10 points. If the list has only one column, the hidden content will be displayed as an anagram or as a jumbled image. Getting Started At the start […]


In Short The Group resource puts content (student names, key words, vocabulary and so on) into random groups. Creating Groups Method One You can create groups by pressing and moving your finger / the mouse to the right. As you do this, the indicator will change. This shows the number of groups that will be […]

Order Sorter

In Short The Order Sorter resource allows you to easily rearrange an activity’s content. If the list has two columns: the second column can be displayed by opening the menu and pressing the Switch Data button. Moving a Panel To move a panel, simply press the dark blue ‘handle’ and drag it up or down. […]

Opening an Activity

The Activity Database When you open the Activity Database as a subscriber, you will see the activities that you have created. 1: You can type key words in the Search Bar to help you to filter and find activities. 2: Pressing the Frequent Tags button will show you a list of the tags that you […]

Accessing Triptico

Subscribers If you have a Triptico subscription then you can use your username and password to sign-in. As a subscriber, you can access all of the resources (including the bonus resources) and create / edit activities. Guests Guests can access Triptico by pressing the No Account button and then choosing Guest Access. Guests can open […]

Installing Triptico

iOS Triptico is available as a free install for iPhones and iPads from the App Store: iOS App Store Android To install on an Android device for free visit the link below: Google Play Store Chromebook If your Chromebook can run apps, you can install for free here: Google Play Store Windows Coming Soon… Mac […]

Spring Selector

In Short The Spring Selector resource ‘springs’ items from a list onto the screen. If the list has two columns: the second column can be displayed in the lower section. Making a Selection To make a selection, simply press the lower panel and pull your finger / the mouse downwards. When you release, the content […]

Flip Selector

In Short The Flip Selector resource converts a list into a series of large cards. If the list has two columns: column two will be displayed when a card is flipped over. Selecting Cards To select a new card, simply press and move your finger / the mouse to the left. To display the previous […]


In Short The Spinner resource converts a list into a spinner. If the list has two columns: column one will be displayed on the spinner and an Extra Info button will allow you to view column two each time a selection is made. Spinning the Spinner! To spin the spinner, simply press and move your […]