Card Board Resource

Card Board

The Card Board resource converts a list into a pack of cards.

If the list has one column: numbers will be automatically added to the back of each card.

If the list has two columns: column one will be displayed on the front of the card and column two on the back.

Your pack of cards is initially created in list order.

If you want the cards to be displayed in a random order, simply press the Shuffle Cards button.

Shuffle Button

When you open the resource, you choose which way up you would like the cards to be dealt.

You can change this at any time by opening the menu and toggling the Deal Face Up / Deal Face Down button.

Method One

You can deal cards by pressing and moving your finger / the mouse to the right.

As you do this, the indicator will change. This shows the number of cards that will be dealt when you stop pressing:

Click and drag right to deal cards

Method Two

Open the menu: use the stepper to set the number of cards and then press the Deal button.

Pressing Deal in the example below would add nine cards to the screen:

The deal button

Method One

You can clear the cards by pressing and moving your finger / the mouse to the left.

Stop pressing when the indicator changes to Clear to remove the cards from the screen:

Drag left to clear the cards.

Method Two

Open the menu: press the Clear Cards button.

The clear button.

Tap the middle of a card to make it bigger or smaller:

Zoom a card

Tap towards the edge of a card to turn it over:

Tap the edge of a card to tun it over.