Share a Lesson

Public or Private? Lessons can be marked as public or private – in exactly the same way that activities can be. A private lesson can only be viewed by you. Public lessons will appear in the database for other people to use.   Lesson files are underlined to differentiate them from regular Triptico activities: Tripti-Codes […]

Save a Lesson

The Save Button To save a lesson, simply press the ‘Save Presentation’ button: You will then see the save panel… The Save Panel To keep things nice and simple, the process for saving a lesson is identical to the process for saving a regular Triptico activity. When you press the Save Presentation button you will […]

Create a New Lesson

Adding a Template To add a new template, simply drag it to the panel on the left: You can drag and drop templates to the start of a lesson, to the end of lesson or to somewhere inbetween! Editing a Template To edit a template, press its Click to Edit button: The options for the […]