group of school kids raising hands in classroom

Create a Class List

It is very easy to create a class list with Triptico. Here’s how you do it…

  • Open Triptico and sign-in to your account:
  • From the menu, choose the Create option:
  • Use the + / – buttons to select the number of students in your class (15 in this example) and then click the Create button:
  • The easiest way to add a list is to open the menu and press the Import Data button:
  • You are now able to type or paste the names of the students in your class and press the Done button:
  • The list is now ready to save:
  • Give your list a filename and add tags to help you to find it again quickly. You can also set the list to Private – this means that it will only be visible to you:
Files saved as private will only be visible to you.
Files saved as public will be available for colleagues and students to use.
  • Press the Save button and wait for the notification:
  • Your list is now saved and you can return to the main menu and click to view the database. You can select your list and choose which resource you would like to open it with:
  • For example, you could open the list with a Spinner to make a random selection:
  • You could open the list with the Group resource to instantly put your students into random groups:
  • You could even open the list with Word Magnets, to allow students to move their name from absent to present when they arrive in the classroom or to gauge opinions about a topic or debate, for example.

That's it - simple, eh?!

You now have a list which you can open with lots of different resources to use in lots of different ways. Being able to paste data means that you can create and save lists in seconds. It is also easy to edit lists - if a new students arrives in your class, for example.


When you select a list from the database, you can preview the data and temporarily remove any students who are absent.