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Create a New Lesson

To add a new template, simply drag it to the panel on the left:

You can drag and drop templates to the start of a lesson, to the end of lesson or to somewhere inbetween!

To edit a template, press its Click to Edit button:

The options for the template will appear in the slide preview panel for you to edit:

To delete a template, click to edit it and then press the Delete this Slide button at the bottom right of the screen:

You will then be asked to confirm that you want to delete the slide.

You can reorder your lesson by dragging the templates up and down and dropping them wherever you would like them to be moved to:

To preview a lesson and see how it looks you simply press the Preview button:

To exit the preview and return to eiting mode, you press the Exit Preview button:

– Lessons do not need to start with a title page.

You could start by displaying a Text Scramble for your students to look at whilst waiting for the lesson to begin… or an image for them to analyse… or a Bingo activity to reinforce learning from a previous lesson.


– Use questions and interactive templates.

Questions are a great way to re-engage learners throughout a lesson and the Lesson Builder’s interactive templates are a great way to encourage active participation in the learning.