Creating an Activity

When you click the Create button on the main screen, you will see the following:

1. The number of columns you would like in your list.

2. The number of rows you like to start with. You can add new rows and delete rows at any time.

3. The type of list you would like to create – a simple list or a list with true / false items.

You can press the Create button when you are ready to start.

The Create screen looks like this:

1. The title of your list.

2. The first item in your list.

3. This switch changes the number of columns in your list (one or two).

4. The ‘Add’ button can be used to add new rows to your list.

5. This button allows you to preview your list with one of the resources.

6. Press this button to save your list to the database.

You can click to edit the title of your activity.

When you do this, you will see:

1. Type the title here.

2. Press this button to return to the create screen.

3. You can add a background image for your activity here (optional).

You can edit the items in your list by clicking them.

When you do this, you will see:

1. The number of the item in the list that you are editing.

2. You can type text here.

3. Move to the previous / next item in the list without returning to the create screen.

4. Return to the create screen.

5. Delete the current item in the list.

6. Add an image to the item.

Two Column List

If your list has two columns, this screen will look slightly different:

1. You can type text for column one here.

2. You can type text for column two here.

3. You can add an image for column one here.

4. You can add an image for column two here.

When you press the Save button you will see:

1. Type the filename here.

2. Use these buttons to set the activity as either public (visible to other users) or private (visible only to you).

3. Add tags here to make it easy to find the activity when searching the database (optional – but recommended!).

You could even agree a ‘unique’ tag with colleagues which you all use and which will make your activities easy to search for and find.

4. Click here to add some notes about the activity (optional).

5. Pressing the Tag History button will display the tags that you have used the most so that you can add them to this saved file quickly.

6. The Save button.

If your activity saves successfully then you will see the following and the activity will be added to the database:

Note: Activities that you save will be available on any device that you use to run Triptico.