Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to common questions:


The Triptico app is free to download and access as a guest.

Guests are able to view content, but only subscribers are able to create, edit and save content.

Triptico can be used to create learning content on any topic, in any language and for any age or ability of learner.

You have complete control over the content and can create activities that are perfectly suited to the requirements of your learners – in schools, colleges, universities and the workplace.

You have the option to set activities that you create as public or private.

Public activities are available for everybody to use and can be found by searching the database.

Each activity also has a unique code which can be distributed to allow people to access an activity instantly.

Activites that you mark as private are accessible only by you.


All subscriptions run for one year.

You need a subscription to create, save and edit content of your own.

A subscription is also required to access the bonus resources.

Without a subscription, you can access Triptico as a guest and view the content in the database.

There are many ways to purchase an individual Triptico subscription.

For example, if you install the iOS version of Triptico then you can pay using your Apple account.

Yes, we can offer discounts for purchases of ten or more subscriptions.

We also offer an unlimited site licence which allows for as many subscriptions to be created as are required for all employees across an entire site.

Please contact us to learn more.

The Resources

Visit the tutorial section of the website to learn about all of the resources.

Yes. Any activities that you create and save to the database can be accessed anywhere and on any device that Triptico is installed on.