Opening an Activity

When you open the Activity Database as a subscriber, you will see the activities that you have created.

1: You can type key words in the Search Bar to help you to filter and find activities.

2: Pressing the Frequent Tags button will show you a list of the tags that you have used most often when creating activities. Selecting a tag will display all of the activities associated with it.

3: You can specify the area of the database that you would like to search with this menu.

     Choose to search:

      Your own activities

      All public activities

     Your favourite activities

     Your deleted activities

4: Click an activity card to view more information about it.

5: Use these buttons (or swipe left and right) to view the previous / next page of search results.

Public or Private

The icon in the top left corner of each activity card indicates whether it is public or private.

The first activity card is private. This means that it is not visible to other users.

The second card is public. This means that it is visible to other users.

Activity Type

The bar across the bottom of each card indicates the type of activity it is.

A single yellow bar indicates that the activity has a single column of data.

A blue and yellow bar indicates that the activity has two columns of data.

A red and green bar indicates an activity with true and false content.

Clicking an activity card will display a more detailed view:

1: Some information about the activity.

2: A button to preview the data – to check the content and also to temporarily remove any content if necessary (for example, the name of an absent student in a class list).

3: The tags added to the activity when it was saved to help you to find it when searching the database.

4: The button to open the activity. When you press this button, you will be asked to choose a resource to open the activity with.

Unlike the previous version of Triptico, activities are not ‘tied’ to a particular resource.

When you press to launch an activity, you will be given a choice of resources to open it with.

1: Use these buttons (or swipe left and right) to view more resources that can be used to open the activity.

The image below shows the same activity opened with four different resources:

If your device is compatible, resources will be opened in new windows.

To close a resource, you simply close the window.

(Tip: This also means that you can open several resources at the same time – for example, a Spinner to select a student and Card Board to select a random question for the student to answer.)

If your device is not compatible with opening new windows (an iPad for example) then you exit a resource by opening the menu and clicking the Exit Resource button.