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This simple scoreboard can be used to manage a quiz…

… and to motivate learners!

First tell the resource how many people / teams will be playing.

Then, if you like, you can use the tabs to add names.


You can add or remove points by tapping the left or right side of a team’s score panel:

Whenever the scores change, the scoreboard will rearrange the players / teams in order of points.

Note: You can prevent this by sliding the ‘Order’ switch in the menu to the ‘Off’ position.

If you want to add a twist to your scoreboard, you can slide the ‘Random’ switch to the ‘On’ position:

With this feature on, you tap once on a team’s score to add or remove points and a completely random number of points are added or subtracted!

It is completely unfair – but it adds an unpredictable and fun element to the resource.