Spinner Resource


The Spinner resource converts a list into a spinner.

If the list has two columns: column one will be displayed on the spinner and an Extra Info button will allow you to view column two each time a selection is made.

To spin the spinner, simply press and move your finger / the mouse in circles on the screen.

The more circles you draw, the more the spinner will spin.

Change the Number of Segments

Open the menu: use the stepper to set the number of segments and then press the New Spinner button.

You can also press the New Spinner button to change the labels on your spinner.

Switch the Columns

For lists with two columns, you can switch the column displayed on the spinner.

Open the menu: press the Switch Data button.

Open the menu: use the stepper to change the way in which selections are made.

Method A – In Sequence

Selections will be made in list order.

The first selection will be the first item in the list, the second selection will be the second item in the list and so on.

Method B – Random Sequence

Selections will be made in a random sequence, with all items in the list selected once before the sequence is reset and randomised.

Method C – Random

Selections will be made completely at random.

For example, the same segment could be selected three times in a row.