Triptico 2.0.0

Triptico version 2.0.0 has been released with LOTS of new features and improvements…

1. Lesson Builder

This update introduces a brand new feature for Triptico and one that I hope will be really helpful.

With the new Lesson Builder, it is easy to drag and drop templates to create presentations to support your teaching in the classroom or to create lessons to share with colleagues and students.

As anybody can install the app for free (on Windows, Mac, iOS etc) and access as a guest, sharing is very straightforward.

I hope that this new feature can be helpful for Triptico users wanting to create lessons to be accessed remotely during the current crisis.

2. Legacy Saves

As you will see in the image below, I have replaced the buttons in the database with a ‘drop-down’ menu.

One of the items in this menu allows you to view legacy saves: in other words, saved files that you created on the Triptico website.

Some saved files may work better than others. You can click to edit them to check the content and to make any changes. There may be a blank row which you need to delete, for example.

I am here to help if you need any assistance with this.

When you save a legacy file, it will be added to the new database and given a code to allow sharing in the same way as any other file.

Hopefully this will be a helpful new feature and – as with all activities in the new version – you can open your legacy saves with any of the resources!

3. A New Font Option

Quite a few teachers have been in touch to see if it would be possible to add a more ‘child friendly’ font to Triptico – and so I have done this.

It is just an experimental feature at the moment and so it will be great to hear any feedback that anybody has.

You activate the new font from the main screen of the app by sliding the switch (highlighted in the image below) to the right.

Note: The new font does not support as many languages as the other fonts in the app. If your content is not displaying correctly then it may be worth switching this font off.

Some activities will automatically revert to the ‘default font’ if the app detects unsupported characters.

Again, feedback appreciated!

4. Sounds

Again, in response to feedback, I have added a switch to the app which silences all sounds.

I have also changed some of the sounds to hopefully make them a little less shrill.

It is quite tricky in terms of sounds as they sound so different on different devices and so feedback is, as ever, appreciated.

5. Tutorials

Each resource now has a button in the menu to take you directly to a tutorial.

I have also added some tutorials about using the Lesson Builder.

These can be accessed via the app or via the menu above.

6. Notes

You can now add notes to each activity that you save.

For example, the notes could include the age group the the activity is suitable for or the topic that it covers.

These notes are optional. Hopefully they will be helpful for people who want to use them.

7. A Brand New Resource!

I almost forgot… I have added the ‘Find the Answer’ resource to the new version of Triptico.

The great news is that this resource will work with the activities that you have created so far and saved to the database. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

I have also made a small change to the way that resources are displayed.

When you click to open an activity, all of the resources arenow listed – but some will be displayed in greyscale.

When you click on a ‘colourless’ resource, a message will appear telling you why the resource cannot be used with this activity.

It is generally because the resource requires a minimum number of items in the list (for example, Bingo requires 12 clues to play a game).

8. Many Other Things!

There are many, many other updates and small changes that I have made – too many to mention.

All of these updates and new features are included with your subscription – there is no additional charge to begin creating content with the Lesson Builder or using the new Find the Answer resource.

Thank you for supporting Triptico!