Word Magnets

The Word Magnets resource converts your content into magnets which can be dragged around the screen, resized, coloured and flipped over!

It is a perfect resource for matching, grouping, ordering, sorting, categorising, ranking, labelling – and so on!

In short, it is an extremely versatile resource which can be used in a multitude of different ways.

For example:

Magnets are moved by dragging and releasing:

To make a magnet bigger, swipe over it to the right:

Tip: Swiping right over multiple magnets will make them all bigger.

To make a magnet smaller, swipe over it to the left:

Tip: Swiping left over multiple magnets will make them all smaller.

To flip a magnet over, drag down across it:

Tip: Swiping down across multiple magnets will make them all flip over.

If your activity has a single column of content then the back of each magnet will be blank:

If you activity has two columns, the additional content will be displayed when the magnet is flipped over:




To change the colour of magnet, swipe up across it.

A menu will appear at the bottom of the screen:

You can then tap a colour panel to change the colour of the selected magnet:



You can lock magnets in place so that they will not move if they are dragged.

To do this, swipe up across the magnet. A menu will appear at the bottom of the screen:

Click the padlock to lock the magnet.

The magnet will then be ‘taped’ in place:

To unlock the magnet, swipe up across it and press the padlock again.

To use one of the background templates, open the menu and press the ‘Background’ button:

You can then choose from a selection of different templates:

When you click the ‘Done’ button, the template will be added to the background for you to use:

To add a new magnet, open the menu and click the ‘Add Magnets’ button:

You can then type the text that you would like to be displayed on the front of the new magnet:

You can also add text to the back of the magnet if you like.

When you have typed the text, click ‘Done’ to create the new magnet.